These are Pics from our October 9th 2010 Fly in.
We would like to thank everyone for coming out!!
I am looking to build a page to link to other area clubs
If you have a website please Email
The WebDude. I'll get you up ASAP!
Thanks again we hope to see you at your place soon!

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P1100907.jpg P1100911.jpg P1100913.jpg P1100914.jpg
P1100915.jpg P1100918.jpg P1100919.jpg P1100921.jpg
P1100926.jpg P1100927.jpg P1100928.jpg P1100929.jpg
P1100930.jpg P1100931.jpg P1100933.jpg P1100946.jpg
P1100949.jpg P1100952.jpg P1100961.jpg P1100964.jpg
P1100967.jpg P1100970.jpg P1100973.jpg P1100976.jpg
P1100982.jpg P1100984.jpg P1100988.jpg P1100991.jpg
P1100996.jpg P1110001.jpg P1110003.jpg P1110008.jpg